Cool Bear bidon

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Your favorite Cool bear lemonade in a crazy new bottle. You can get thirsty from enjoying sports and playing. It is therefore nice to have a water bottle with lemonade with you, so that you can drink enough. The bottle is easy for children to use and easy for parents to fill with lemonade and then clean in the dishwasher. So it is now easy to drink a delicious Cool Bear lemonade at home, at the sports club or on the road in the car, no more spills or leaks!


  • Food approved; free from BPA and phthalates
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Recyclable plastic
  • Production from 20% recycled material
  • All caps are fitted with a lockable pull-out spout
  • Easy to squeeze; made of soft polyethylene
  • Large filling opening

This water bottle is made of polyethylene with the addition of special material that changes the molecular structure of the material. The material breaks down into biogas and biomass, which feeds the soil and is completely absorbed by nature.
Light, heat and moisture do not affect the quality of the water bottle. The degradation process only starts in a microbiological environment, such as compost heap or landfill. So the bottle will not fall apart on the shelf. The composting process takes 1-5 years.

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