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NATURALLY the tastiest! This is the healthiest gift box you can imagine. This box consists of a selection of natural products that are available on our site. Do you want to surprise someone with an original gift or give someone a heart? NATURALLY that's possible! It is even possible to put a personal message on it. Let someone enjoy a snack and a drink or NATURALLY enjoy this yourself.

This box contains:


Mani | Berry

A temptingly crunchy and juicy combination of almonds, goji berries, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, pistachios and raisins.

Tomarchio | Cola

This Sicilian organic Cola is characterized by a unique taste. The characteristic taste of walnut contrasts with the rich and intense aroma of the juicy Sicilian lemon with its own label. Tomarchio cola is, full of taste and delicate at the same time, to add an extra touch of sweetness, Sicilian grape juice and carob juice have been used.


mySmoothie | Mango

A 100% natural smoothie made from a 1/2 mango, 1/2 apple, 1/2 banana, 1 orange, 1/3 passion fruit and 15 grapes. Treat yourself to a delicious snack full of vitamins.


Pür | Gum Wintergreen

Pür Wintergreen has an intense fresh mint flavor that ultimately freshens the breath! Pur Gum is one of the few aspartame-free, sugar-free gum on the market! Pür Gum have the perfect balance between taste and healthy ingredients.


Human | Antioxidant

Organic Human offers you your daily shot of vitamins and antioxidants! Energy Shot Antioxidant contains ginger, apple, kale, spirulina, wheat grass and barley grass. Antioxidants help protect your body against oxidative stress caused by, for example, pollution or sunlight. But not only that .. Energy Shot Antioxidant is also packed with vitamin C and vitamin E. A wonderful addition to your healthy lifestyle!


LuvSum| Choco, Chia & Nut Limited Edition

The Choco, Chia & Nuts energy ball from LuvSem is packed with nutritious ingredients that give you energy all day long. Made with natural, paleo-friendly ingredients, this bite is a great source of fiber. LuvSum is gluten-free, vegan and contains no added sugars.


Sweet potato, tomato & rosemary

These special organic vegetable chips are made of a fine sweet potato taste with the slight freshness of tomato. A touch of rosemary gives a typical Mediterranean flavor to the whole. You understand: this is chips to eat your fingers!



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