NATURALLY! You are drinking Premium Line tea

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NATURALLY, You are drinking Premium Line tea. Top quality organic tea. NATURALLY, a dazzling tea box cannot be missed. Take advantage of this starter package to let your guests or yourself enjoy our delicious tea in luxury at any time.

This package contains:


Tea box Premium Line

The Masterline tea box is a beautiful and luxurious tea box that makes the presentation of the unique MasterLine tea boxes look even more stylish.


Earl Grey

This classic brew has been much loved by tea drinkers all over the world for more than a century. Original First Tea’s Earl Grey is a refined interpretation of this familiar favourite, enriched with exquisite aromas.


English Breakfast

English Breakfast is the tea that comes with breakfast. This tea’s malty aroma and dark hue mean that it lends itself perfectly to being taken with hot milk and sugar.


Organic Green

With Organic Green, Original First Tea introduces a high-quality green tea that is distinguished by a strong and persistent fresh aroma.


Sweet Rooibos

This sweet herbal tea has long been regarded as a herbal remedy of sorts, thanks to the therapeutic effects attributed to rooibos. Now Original First Tea has its own first-rate version of this essential variety.


Fresh Lemon

This sublime blend of superior tea leaves, lemon zest and natural lemon extract is bound to leave you hankering after more.


Fresh Morning

Fresh Morning tea steamed green tea, rose petals, peach and orange. With a cup of this refreshing tea you can start the day peacefully.

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