NATURALLY! You work at home

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NATURALLY the most productive! This home work box is filled with varied products with which the working rhythm can be well maintained. A bar at 10 a.m., a smoothie with lunch and a chocolate at 4 a.m. With this box you NATURALLY stay sharp all day long. Do you want to surprise someone with an inspiring gift? NATURALLY that's possible! It is even possible to put a personal message on it. Let someone enjoy a stimulating snack and drink or NATURALLY enjoy this yourself.

This box contains:

Mani | Berry

A temptingly crunchy and juicy combination of almonds, goji berries, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, pistachios and raisins.


Tomarchio | Cola

This Sicilian organic Cola is characterized by a unique taste. The characteristic taste of walnut contrasts with the rich and intense aroma of the juicy Sicilian lemon with its own label. Tomarchio cola is, full of taste and delicate at the same time, to add an extra touch of sweetness, Sicilian grape juice and carob juice have been used.


Bionade | Elderberry

Elderberry refreshing lemonade, made from the juiciest elderberries. low in sugars, fresh in taste! Organic brewed lemonade, but alcohol-free. This ensures that bionade is gluten-free, low in calories and low in sugar.


Pür | Gum Wintergreen

Pür Wintergreen has an intense fresh mint flavor that ultimately freshens the breath! Pur Gum is one of the few aspartame-free, sugar-free gum on the market! Pür Gum have the perfect balance between taste and healthy ingredients.


Sweet potato, tomato & rosemary

This special organic vegetable chips combines the fine taste of sweet potato with the light freshness of tomato. A touch of rosemary gives a typical Mediterranean flavor to the whole. You understand: this is chips to eat your fingers!


Raw-Bite | Coconut

RAWBITE coconut makes you dream away to summer vacation? With one bite of our RAWBITE coconut bar, you will experience the wonderful taste of sandy beaches and the sun on your skin. The smooth texture and mild flavor are guaranteed to satisfy your hunger and give you the energy you need to stay focused throughout the day.


Puerto Mate | Lemongrass

Puerto Mate an innovative iced tea made from Argentinian mate and lemon grass. Mate has a high caffeine content from natures, so Puerto Mate is a real energy booster.


Goodly | Water

Pure spring water from the springs of the spa village of Bad Windsheim in Germany. By drinking Goodly Water you support Only Friends. The largest sports club in the Benelux for children and young people with a disability. A portion of the proceeds from Goodly water is donated to Only Friends.


Fitshe | Dark choclate & Green power Limited Edition

100% natural, organic protein bar that is rich in vegetable protein from nuts, peanuts, pumpkin seeds and rice.


El Tony | Mate & Guarana

El Tony Mate is a caffeinated refreshing drink based on freshly brewed Yerba mate tea that has a high caffeine content. The mate is refined with guarana, this makes a unique 100% natural blend that refreshes and stimulates.


myFroothie | Apple

myFroothie is 100% organic and contains no added sugars, additives and preservatives.


No&More | Watermelon & Melon

Spring water with a hint of melon. Moisturize your body with this refreshing spring water. Without additives, responsible and healthy enjoyment!


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