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Are you always on the go? Always on the look for your next sportive adventure? Please be introduced to the best companion for your active lifestyle: The organic RAWBITE Protein bar! Besides yummy cacao and nourishing fruit and nuts this handy companion contains 10% of protein which originates from rice and pea. Our ambassadors report to be the perfect combination to keep your mind and body strong!

  • Biologic
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-Dairy
Nutrients per 100 milliliter
Energy in Kilojoule 1791
Energy in Calories 429
Fat in grams 21
Of which Saturates in grams 5
Carbohydrates in grams 34
of which sugars in grams 34
Protein in grams 21
Salt in grams 0.03 
Fibre in grams 10 

Content: 12 x 50 Gr.
Allergy: Lactose free, Gluten free, Vegan
Ingredients: "Organic bar with dried Fruit 47% and Nuts 21% Ingredients: Dried Dates*, Almonds*, Raisins*, Pumpkin Seeds*, Rice Protein Powder* 10%, Cocoa Powder*, Cocoa Nibs*, Cashews* *Organic certified"
Nutrients per 100 gram: Energy in Kilojoule 1872 Energy in Calories 449 Fat in grams 24 Of which Saturates in grams 4 Carbohydrates in grams 42 of which sugars in grams 28 Protein in grams 11 Salt in grams 0,25 Others in grams: Fibre 8
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