Yogi Tea Spearmint Lemon

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Are you ready for refreshment of your body and mind? Then enjoy this cold tea, yes you read it correctly a cold tea. In contrast to the common highly sweetened Ice Teas, Yogi Tea has chosen to use their own freshly brewed organic Lime Mint tea as the basis for this refreshing drink. This has resulted in a unique fruity cold tea with cooling mint and fresh lemon. perform the above tone.


Experience this unique tasty chilled herb and spice. Inspired by the Ayurvedic philosophy, sweetened with valuable agave syrup and 100% organic.


  • Biological
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • Without artificial flavors



Infusion of herbs and spices (water, peppermint *, spearmint *, licorice *, cardamom *) (93%), agave syrup * (4.5%), lemon juice * (2.5%). * controlled organic cultivation


Nutrients per 100 milliliter
Energy in Kilojoule 60
Energy in Calories 14
Fat in grams <0,1
Of which Saturates in grams <0,1
Carbohydrates in grams 4,20
of which sugars in grams 4,20
Protein in grams <0,5
Salt in grams <0,01



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